Boating Citations

Boating CitationsDuring the Lobster Mini Season of July 28 through August 1, 2003, the FWC documented 109 resource citations, 19 other citations, 87 Uniform Boating Citations, 356 boating safety warnings, 234 resource warnings, 27 other warnings, 3 BUI arrests, 90 calls for service, 4 search and rescue missions, and 23 boating accidents in southern Florida alone. A total of 896 water patrol hours were conducted with 677.5 hours dedicated to boating safety.

The above statistics for only a three (3) day period show the growing trend of issuance of Boating citations. Many of the citations that are issued deal with damages to natural resources due to groundings, prop scars through seagrass and also pollutant spills. All agencies have stepped up efforts to increase the number of citations issued and are attempting to enforce many laws regarding environmental damage that were never enforced previously. These new citations as well as citations for improper equipment and the like can result in increased insurance premiums as well as incarceration if not properly handled. Moreover, only a very few attorneys have an understanding of defense of these claims and have experience in mitigating damages alleged by state or federal agencies.

If you have been issued a Uniform Boating Citation, you must elect one of the following options within 30 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.

  • Pay the civil penalty for the violation. You may also be required to attend a Boater Education Course.
  • Plead not guilty and attend a court hearing to contest the violation.

You can send your Miami-Dade boating citation to:

Clerk of Courts
Attn: Boating Violations
1351 N.W. 12th St. Rm. 8100
Miami, FL 33125


These violations are payable through the Internet and points are not assessed to your driver’s license. Failure to comply within 30 calendar days will result in the assessment of delinquent fees and the addition of a second-degree misdemeanor charge. If you elect to pay the full amount of the citation, payment may be made through the Internet, at a service location or through the mail.

Florida law requires that anyone convicted of a criminal boating violation, a non-criminal boating infraction which resulted in a boating accident, or two non-criminal boating safety infractions within a 12-month period, must enroll in, attend, and successfully complete a NASBLA/state approved classroom boater education course. Correspondence or on-line course applications do not meet these requirements.

David A. Neblett and the attorneys at Perry Neblett P.A. have represented many individuals regarding boating citations and have been able to successfully reduce damages and/or get these citations dismissed. Please call for a free consultation or to discuss any boating citation issues.