Perry & Neblett P.A., is committed to providing excellence in its legal representation of clients as a general civil trial and appellate practice in state and federal courts. As a full service admiralty and maritime law firm, Perry & Neblett offers litigation and transactional expertise to its clients in both complex and routine legal matters including, but not limited to, commercial maritime matters, yacht finance and transactions, offshore corporate formation, vessel acquisition, registration and documentation, cargo claims, personal injury and wrongful death, shipbroking and chartering, recreational boating issues, limitations of liability, products liability, insurance coverage, boating citations and BUI, salvage, towage and pilotage.

Perry & Neblett P.A., is a nationally recognized authority on yacht transactions and offshore closings. Perry & Neblett offers a full host of services for vessel purchases and sales from the creation of offshore corporations to registration and documentation of the vessel. Perry & Neblett is one of the few if not the only firm that has developed the specialty of boating citation defense and has been very successful in getting clients out of criminal convictions and civil penalties for all types of boating citations including; boating under the influence cases and sea grass and coral damages cases. The attorneys of Perry & Neblett bride themselves on a “hands on” approach and are committed to providing its clients with competent, cost effective legal representation.

Perry & Neblett P.A., is attuned to the needs of all types of Maritime clients and its attorneys have experience representing a wide range of clients from recreational boat owners to large maritime companies. There are very specialized laws and limitations which pertain to admiralty and maritime casualties and sorting out and asserting the applicable law is a very precise specialty in this very active venue. Thus, whether you are a cruise ship passenger injured by the unseaworthy condition of the vessel, a recreational boat owner injured in a boating accident, or a vessel owner who is being sued by a seamen for injuries under the Jones Act, the attorneys of Perry & Neblett have the experience and know how to protect and assert the proper defense or remedy as each case may require.