Board Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law

David Avellar Neblett, Esq., is a Board Certified Maritime & Admiralty lawyer and a founding partner of Perry Neblett P.A.

Prior to forming Perry Neblett P.A in 2006 and focusing on insurance and admiralty litigation, Mr. Neblett worked for an insurance defense firm where he represented insurers in all types of land and sea based property and personal injury claims.

David Avellar Neblett partnered with James H. Perry so that he could focus on admiralty litigation, insurance disputes, insurance claims and trial work. Mr. Neblett runs the firm’s insurance dispute and admiralty litigation practice.

David Avellar Neblett actively litigates cases and/or handles trials in both state and federal Court.   Mr. Neblett and his team also handle appeals in the 3rd and 4th DCA and the 11th Circuit as well as arbitrations that are conducted all over the world.

Many firms use Mr. Neblett to handle all of their first party insurance and maritime work or assist them with clients who have issues in these areas. Other firms rely on Mr. Neblett to litigate cases for them. These “of counsel” positions expands Mr. Neblett’s practice areas to all types of insurance and personal injury cases and has given him the opportunity to refine his trial and litigation skills. Combining forces with these referral firms has also increased the geographic reach of Perry Neblett P.A. as the firm’s attorneys and experts have use of offices located in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Key West.

David Avellar Neblett has represented hundreds of insured’s in all types of property loss claims from yacht damage and sinking claims to commercial property claims valued in the tens of millions of dollars and residential/homeowner hurricane claims. As a Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime lawyer, Mr. Neblett has a particular specialty in the representation of vessel owners with their insurance claims, recreational boating accidents, groundings, and reef and mangrove destruction.

Mr. Neblett is an avid, fisherman, Scuba diver and sailor and has worked on cases involving persons injured or killed on boats and in diving accidents. Mr. Neblett has represented yacht owners regarding vessel sales and cases dealing with vessel “Lemon Law” and contractual claims. Mr. Neblett is experienced with both Jones Act and Longshoremen claims, and has handed claims involving all types of seamen, from stone crab fishermen to waiters aboard cruise ships.

David Avellar Neblett earned a degree in the Marine Sciences from the University of Miami, and a J. D. in law from the University of Miami School of Law with special emphasis in Admiralty and Insurance law. Mr. Neblett was the Admiral of the Maritime Law Society for two years, the Vice President of the Environmental Law Society for one year.

Mr. Neblett is very active in the legal community via his active participation and lecturing with many national and local organizations and through his studies and work at the University of Miami School of Law, and RSMAS “University of Miami’s Marine Science Graduate School.” Mr. Neblett is a member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, the Maritime Law Society, the Marine Council, the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute, the Dade County Bar, the Coral Gables Bar, the Florida Bar, the Marine Industries Association of South Florida and the Propeller Club. David Neblett is also very active with the insurance Bar and is a member of F.A.P.I.A., the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

David Avellar Neblett and Perry Neblett P.A. are very happy to provide additional information and/or qualifications upon request.





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